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Designing AI-Driven Daily Space Life Solutions

The ENTA Student Commission is thrilled to invite industrial design students to participate in a unique and engaging competition that will showcase their ability to learn and apply AI tools in the design process. This competition is your chance to envision a thriving future in space and design products that will make life there not just possible, but enriching.


Imagine a future where humanity has ventured beyond Earth, establishing thriving communities on space stations, lunar outposts, or even distant planets. This competition challenges you to design innovative products that will become essential tools for everyday life in these new frontiers.

Focus on the User:

  • Develop a detailed user persona living and working in this off-world environment such as a scientist, engineer, artist, entrepreneur or a new profession.

  • Consider their occupation, hobbies, challenges, and aspirations. What makes them unique in this extraordinary setting?

Design for Daily Life:

  • Identify a specific action or routine - perhaps gardening in zero gravity, creating art with lunar dust, or enjoying a virtual connection with loved ones back on Earth - that this persona would perform regularly.

  • Design a product that enhances, simplifies, or even invents this action, making their life in space more fulfilling and productive.

Embrace AI and Innovation:

  • Integrate Artificial Intelligence as a core element of your design. How can AI assist the user in using the product, or even become a partner in their daily routine?

  • Think creatively! Utilize new materials, fabrication methods, or even biological processes to make your product truly unique and suited for the off-world environment.

This competition is about creating a vision for a better future, one where humanity thrives beyond Earth. Let your imagination take flight and design a product that will become an essential part of life in the cosmos!


  • Open to ENTA Student Members only. Not a member yet? Become a member of ENTA!

  • All submissions must be submitted electronically through the ENTA website: [website address here]. We cannot accept entries via email or other methods.

  • Submissions must be anonymous. Please avoid including any personal information within the project files, poster, or explanatory text. Author and school details will be collected through a separate registration form.


Poster (1 per application):

  • File Format: PDF

  • Dimensions: 100cm x 70cm (landscape)

  • File Size: Maximum 10 MB

  • Resolution: 300dpi

  • File Naming: DesignName_AI2024.pdf (Replace "DesignName" with your actual design title. Titles containing personal information will be disqualified.)

Presentation Requirements:

  • Poster: Your poster should visually communicate your design concept for a product used in an off-world scenario.

  • Explanatory Text (300 words maximum): Provide a written explanation of your design in the poster. This text should address the following:

    • Briefly describe your user persona and their off-world environment.

    • Explain how your designed product addresses the user's needs and enhances their life in space.

    • Detail the integration of AI in your design and how it contributes to the product's functionality.

  • AI Programs Used:  On your poster, clearly list the specific AI programs or tools you utilized during the design process.


Strong Focus:

  • Theme Relevance: Does the design truly capture the essence of space living and the user persona's needs?
    User Impact: Does the product demonstrably improve the user's life in the off-world environment?

Bold Innovation:

  • Design Creativity: Is the product concept original and inventive, pushing boundaries?
    AI Integration: Does AI play a unique and impactful role in the design?

Clear Communication:

  • Visual Communication: Does the submission effectively showcase the concept through visuals?

Bonus Points:

  • Designs that promote sustainability, inclusivity, and ethical considerations in space living.


June 1, 2024:    Registration and applications start

June 20, 2024:  Registration and applications end

June 30, 2024:  Announcement of the top 10 design concepts

July 6, 2024:      Cosmos Challenge Launch Event and Announcement of Winners


Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 12.39.25 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 12.39.29 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 12.39.34 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 12.39.43 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 12.39.38 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 12.39.47 PM.png

Jury members shall under no circumstances be contacted by competition participants or their representatives. Participants who attempt to contact jury members, shall be disqualified.


1st Prize: 30-day internship at Creative Artificial Intelligence Studio Hagia

2nd Prize: 6-Month Midjourney Standard Plan Membership

3rd Prize: 3-Month Midjourney Standard Plan Membership

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