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ENTA was founded by a group of industrial designers who graduated from different universities. The association aims to bring together students and professional industrial designers under a single roof by bringing many disciplines together with various membership options. ENTA publishes a design magazine named EntaMAG created by university students and a platform called EntaUni. It is an active association that organizes several educational programs, workshops, printed materials, events, competitions, and meetings. ENTA has expanded its designer and student network by including corporate memberships into its structure. The association accepts different professional groups as well as industrial designers.


Fields of Activity


The Industrial Designers Association organizes events such as seminars, competitions, workshops, training, and fairs for companies, designers, and students to develop the profession. It realizes design projects with its members and also improves the interaction between designers and institutions.



  1. In Turkey, to be the institution that adopts contemporary design concepts.

  2. To support design entrepreneurship and to be a key actor in this field.

  3. To reach all design stakeholders.

  4. To be the first and trusted professional organization that comes to mind.

  5. To ensure that national potential is getting used for the development of Turkish design.

Corporate Membership System

The corporate Membership model targets legal entities. Cooperation made with the legal entities by signing a Corporate Membership agreement under the guarantee of ENTA. Obtaining Corporate Membership is possible through a contract between the representatives appointed by the legal person with the approval of our management board.


There are numbers of conditions in this contract that will support the improvement of the industrial design profession. These conditions include hiring industrial designers, providing internship opportunities for industrial design students, and determining minimum working conditions at work for industrial designers. ENTA provides the following services to its corporate members;


  • Dedicated space in our online design infrastructure to be established soon,

  • Sponsorship-based advertising in all kinds of events and organizations,

  • Assistance by organizing requested design competitions, workshops, and various seminars

  • Project development to carry our members to a higher level in the competitive environment

  • Providing all kinds of support needed in the design field and initiating cooperation with the requested companies and designers.

Board of Founders


Aydin Algan   -   A. Ahsen Safak Kestek   -   Elif Günes Ucar   -   Filiz Ersin   -   Onur Kocan

Onur Tulunay   -   Selim Can Kucukyildirim   -   Ulas Yildirim   -   Volkan Gokalp

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